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 Test 1

21. I expected the customer to ______ on the lateness of the delivery but he said nothing.

    [A] remark     [B] notice              [C] talk               [D]tell

22. The law makes attendance at school___ for children of certain ages.

    [A] 1 [B] compulsory   [C] gratuitous    [D] 2

23.                                                                  Although he did not state his opinion, the     was that he doubted my words.

    [A] interruption [B] imposition    [C] 3 [D] implication

24. My younger brother slipped out of the room and headed for the pond without my mother's ___.

    [A] counsel     [B] conviction    [C] consent         [D] consult

25. A man who runs three-mile race will cease to find pleasure in this occupation when he passes the age at which he can beat his own ________ record.

    [A] primitive   [B] preliminary    [C] previous         [D] predominant

26.                                        Most of us will be at a to think of anything adequately pleasant to be worth doing when we are left endless free time.

    [A] mess       [B] fuss          [C] loss             [D] ease

27. National Health Service in Britain is a government-enforced scheme whereby everyone pays in a small per-centage of their 4 each week or month, and is then _____ to free medical treatment when they are ill.

    [A] attached    [B] entitled        [C] granted        [D] intended

28.                The  to the typist' s must be forbidden, because the examination papers are being done there.

    [A] avenue     [B] access             [C] bypass         [D] approach

29. The key to success is remembering that every 5 crossed is one less hurdle in _____ of your personal ambition.

    [A] propulsion  [B] proportion      [C] pursuit        [D] 6

30. The newly adopted regulation takes____ from the beginning of next month.

    [A] possession  [B] place         [C] effect           [D] after

31. We are approaching the limit of the number of people the earth can support adequately and should turn to _____ birth control.

    [A] cooperative [B] compulsory     [C] vigorous      [D] efficient

32. For the first time in human history, the problem of human' s survival has to do with his control of manmade _______.

    [A] danger            [B] hazards         [C] hardship      [D] difficulties

33.                                                                                       You can't let your eyes 7 across the lines of a book and an understanding of what you have read.

    [A] come up to   [B] come across  [C] come around   [D] come up with

34.                                                                                  Parents should well know the fact that all children are     at times.

    [A] unruly            [B] intelligent    [C] morons            [D] idiots

35.                                   Today women are      occupy positions 8 closed to them.

    [A] striving to       [B] attempting to  [C] 9 to     [D] 10 to

36.                                                                             The representatives of the company seemed very   to the conditions of the workers.

    [A] audacious       [B] dubious           [C] insensitive    [D] hesitant

37.                                                                         My work with leaders from all walks of life has  me that they were not born leaders-they are made.

    [A] advocated       [B] implied            [C] convinced     [D] 12

38.                                                                                                 The Puritans left England for the New World because they were_____________________________________________________ religious freedom.

    [A] denied            [B] derived            [C] neglected     [D] deprived

39.                                  The engineers are      convinced that it is the home-made design that fits best.

    [A] profoundly   [B] superficially   [C] perfectly      [D] highly

40.                                                When Tom was fourteen, he      13 and going in and out of supermarkets every day.

    [A] took off          [B] took for          [C] took on          [D] took to


                                    Test 2

21. We must   that the experiment is controlled as 14 as possible.

    [A] assure            [B] secure           [C] ensure           [D] issue

22._____ the English examination I would have gone to the concert last night.

    [A] In spite of      [B] But for          [C] Because of   [D] As for

23. Alone in a 15 house, he was so busy with his research work that he felt lonely.

    [A] nothing but  [B] anything but  [C] all but            [D] everything but

24.                                                               The English language contains a (n)        of words which are comparatively seldom used in ordinary conversation.

    [A] altitude           [B] latitude          [C] multitude    [D] attitude

26.                                                                         Birds play a large part in plant reproduction by    seeds across large areas.

    [A] dispersing       [B] 16 [C] dispatching   [D] 17

27.The 18 on the tombstone had been      by the weather and could scarcely be read.

    [A] worn out        [B] worn down  [C] worn off         [D] worn away

28. By the end of the day, the flood water which had covered most of the town had.

    [A] receded      [B] retired      [C] replaced             [D] retreated

29.I need to move to a larger apartment. Do you know of any_____ ones in this neighborhood?

    [A] vacant            [B] bare              [C] blank               [D] empty

30. He was_____ from the competition because he had not complied with the rules.

    [A] banished         [B] excused         [C] disqualified     [D] forbidden

31. Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith will____ in looking after their baby.

    [A] alternate         [B] alter              [C] change            [D] differ

32. Every manager needs a secretary that he can___ to take care of something that may occur in his absence.

    [A] count on         [B] count off    [C] count for       [D] count out

33. If banks on the city failed in one day, there would be a__ among businessmen.

    [A] fear                [B] terror            [C] dread              [D] panic

34. Sometimes manufacturers can not sell a product because it does not___ the expectations of potential customers.

    [A] confine to       [B] conform to   [C] confer with     [D] 19 to

35. It is commonly held that language problems are very often ____ by cultural misunderstanding

    [A] decreased       [B] solved           [C] compounded    [D] overlooked

36. We will transfer you to another department when an opportunity___ .

    [A] rises               [B] raises            [C] arouses            [D] arises

37. Mr. Simpson_____ paying so much for such bad food.

    [A] grudged          [B] complained   [C] groused            [D] 20

38.I 21 to leave that company because I was fed up with that__ boss.

    [A] wishy-washy  [B] resolute       [C] easy-going       [D] 22

39. It is generally accepted that each citizen is___ to vote in a democracy.

    [A] supposed        [B] indebted     [C] meant                [D] exposed

40. It is very necessary that the employers support such__ as personal motivation and self-dignity of their employees.

    [A] advantages   [B] interests     [C] shortcomings      [D] traits


                                     Test 3

21. From the top of the hill, a beautiful_____ of the city will be revealed to our eyes.

    [A] viewpoint         [B] outline     [C] perceptive       [D] perspective

22.                                                       Everyone knows that hospitals are    where the sick are treated; but how many realize that they were once homes for the 23 and the friendless?

    [A] facilities            [B] hostages   [C] institutions       [D] necessities

23._________ If there is social or political change in a region where a standard language is spoken, local of the language may develop.

    [A] variations          [B] varieties    [C] changes            [D] 24

24. Employees are not slaves who must bear being ordered around. They would not put their               _______ in their pocket.

    [A] overconfidence  [B] conceit     [C] pride               [D] prime

25.                                                                                          Although the pay is not good, people usually find social work in other ways.

    [A] payable             [B] respectful    [C] grateful          [D] rewarding

26.                                                      What I am telling you is strictly  . Don't let anyone know of it.

    [A] secretive           [B] special         [C] individual     [D] 25

27.                                                                               My brother likes eating very much but he isn't very      about the food he eats.

    [A] special              [B] peculiar        [C] particular     [D] unusual

28.                                                                  It is not 26 for advertisers to make claims about the effectiveness of their products.

    [A] exaggerated    [B] numerous    [C] undirected    [D] scientific

29.                                   Indiana University     an eight-campus network.

    [A] is composed of [B] makes up     [C] constitutes    [D] consists

30.                                                                                                      In the advanced course students must take objective tests at monthly____________________________________________________ .

    [A] length              [B] distance      [C] intervals       [D] gaps

31. A man who doesn' t like to talk about himself or to make his feelings known to others is called a man.

    [A] reserved           [B] tolerant       [C] conservative   [D] preserved

32. He reads so____ that he knows almost everything about various fields of learning.

    [A] extensively    [B] intensively   [C] closely            [D] exclusively

33. When a fire broke out in the gallery, at least twenty_ paintings were destroyed, including two by Picasso.

    [A] worthless         [B] priceless     [C] valueless     [D] inexpensive

34.             It  me that there might be some fault on my part.

    [A] struck         [B] flashed        [C] occurred      [D] happened

35.I never see this picture without____ my early days in the countryside.

    [A] reminding of                               [C] reminding to

    [B] being reminded of                        [D] having been reminded

36. The____ cats that are still found in some remote places are distantly related to our friendly domestic companions.

    [A] savage            [B] wild                 [C] cruel            [D] untamed

37. There are two____ mistakes in this sentence. Can you point them out?

    [A] arranged         [B] planned             [C] deliberate    [D] calculated

38. The large crowds lingering in the streets were quickly___ by the heavy rain.

    [A] dispersed        [B] removed        [C] disposed     [D] disappeared

39. John says that his present job does not provide him with enough _____ for his organizing ability.

    [A] range              [B] space               [C] capacity     [D] scope

40. Although I tried to concentrate on the lecture I was by the noise from the next door.

    [A] disturbed    [B] interrupted        [C] distracted     [D] 27

                                      Test 4

21.   Because he hates dishonesty, he is on his children when they tell lies.

    [A] hard         [B] fierce               [C] strict.         [D] serious

22. This_____ was conducted to find out how many people prefer TV series to films.

    [A] examination  [B] inspection      [C] analysis         [D] survey

23. He has impressed his employers 28 and__ he is soon to be promoted.

    [A] yet          [B] accordingly      [C] finally        [D] eventually

24. The truck driver was badly____ when his truck crashed into a wall.

    [A] hit           [B] damaged        [C] hurt          [D] harmed

25. An energetic manager can be a great___ to his firm.

    [A] asset         [B] influence        [C] profit        [D] prosperity

26. If you see a doctor leaving a house, you may_ that someone in the house is ill.

    [A] conduct      [B] deduce              [C] induce      [D] conduce

27. Certain_____ were found in the report, making it seem that someone had taken money for himself.

    [A] inappreciation [B] disputation       [C] imputation  [D] irregularities

28. Although he was slight in_____ , he was strong and respected by others.

    [A] status             [B] statue                [C] statute        [D] 29

29.I didn't bring an umbrella because the weatherman____ a sunny day today.

    [A] prophesied  [B] foreboded       [C] predicted    [D] 30

30.                The  also brought to England the influence of their French language and innovations in architecture and methods of 31.

    [A] conquerors   [B] victors              [C] possessors   [D] 32

31.                                                                  The baseball match attracted thousands of   from all over the country.

    [A] audience         [B] viewers               [C] lookers-on  [D] spectators

32. The world's population is not____ evenly throughout the regions of the world.

    [A] scattered        [B] spread                 [C] expanded   [D] extended

33. He cried out in____ when they tried to move him from the scene of the accident.

    [A] anguish          [B] disorder               [C] ailment        [D] infirmity

34. Don't be misled by the_____ reasoning of the 33 34.

    [A] fabulous      [B] persuasive        [C] fallacious  [D] 35

35. That emperor tried every means to prolong his life, ignoring the fact that all men are

    [A] mortal               [B] deadly              [C] fatal       [D] dead

36. What causes emotional problems for children of divorce is generally the events that _____ the break up.

    [A] prevailed        [B] presided         [C] proceeded  [D] preceded

37.                                                                               Found in all parts of the country, pines are the most  trees in this country.

    [A] ordinary         [B] average           [C] usual    [D] common

38.                                                                                                        36 of ants are always invading my kitchen. They are a thorough__________________________________________________ .

    [A] nuisance         [B] disturbance        [C] trouble        [D] 37

39.                                                                 The head office of the company has been     from HongKong to New York for the sake of business expansion.

    [A] transported       [B] transplanted      [C] transferred  [D] transmitted

40. You should make certain that everyone understands what is required and how to ______ the procedures.

    [A] impose            [B] implement       [C] reinforce   [D] 38

                                       Test 5

21.   You can do it if you want to, but in my opinion it's not worth the ______ it involves.

    [A] effort             [B] attempt          [C] force             [D] strength

22. Many businesses have turned to automation in order to produce goods more      .

    [A] perfectly         [B] speedily         [C] reasonably   [D] simply

23. She had a strong____ to give a talk about her experiences, because she didn't like the limelight.

    [A] disinclination [B] backwardness [C] slowness    [D] dissension

24. Everyone approved of the scheme but when we asked for volunteers they all      .

    [A] hung on          [B] hung about  [C] hung back    [D] hung up

25. Scientists speculate that_____ population growth and 40 resources may force humans to look to the sea for food.

    [A] unavoidable                              [C] unchecked

    [B] unexpected                               [D] unnecessary

26.                                                                                                         Her letter was in such a casual 41, and in such pale ink, that it was__________________________________________________ .

    [A]unintelligible                              [C] obscure

    [B]vague                                        [D] 42

27.                                             A legend is a popular story     history, but which has been elaborated beyond the point of verification.

    [A]rooted in                                   [C] cherished by

    [B]confined to                                [D] lost in

28 Thomas Edison considered genius to be___ one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent 44.

    [A] composed of                            [C] consisted of

    [B]constituted in                             [D] comprised in

29. 43 unions in some western countries are__ a 35-hour week in order to create more jobs.

    [A] advocating                               [C] opposing

    [B]attacking                                   [D] praising

30. It's been decided as a rule that our 45 gives travelling_____ to those who travel in the

course of their work.

    [A]allowances                                [C] appliances

    [B]alliances                                    [D] allotments

31. In big industrial cities, people seldom see a star-filled sky; the bright glow of the cities_____ heavens.

    [A] conquers                                 [C] neglects

    [B]dominates                                 [D] obscures

32. The football club has decided to take in members from foreign countries, and some of the local members have to be _______.

    [A] laid out                                    [C] laid away

    [B] laid off                                     [D] laid up

33. It seems to me that if the Negro represents something in and about the nature of American culture, this should be __________ by his characteristic music.

    [A] exposed                                   [C] revealed

    [B] released                                   [D] disclosed

34. It was necessary to___ the movie into three parts in order to show it on television.

    [A] abate                                       [C] 46

    [B] assert                                      [D] segment

35. They can't possibly reach an agreement on the terms of the contract because they are too____  .

    [A] inflexible    [B] indispensable  [C] indefensible    [D] 47

36. It was a bitter____ to the Americans that the Russians were the first to orbit the earth, as well as being the first to launch a man into space.

    [A] tragedy           [B] disaster         [C] disappointment [D] disadvantage

37. The patient has been____ of the safety of the operation in that big city hospital.

    [A] entrusted        [B] assured         [C] confirmed    [D] guaranteed

38. It is a very easy thing to devise good laws; the difficulty is how to make them ______.

    [A] disused      [B] effective    [C] powerful     [D] comprehensive

39.                                                                                                           As the sky darkened it soon became obvious that a violent thunderstom was _____.

    [A] immediate   [B] eminent      [C] imminent     [D] instantaneous

40. The new 48 revolution in American newspapers has brought increased ______, a wider range of publications and an expansion of newspaper jobs.

    [A] circulation  [B] reproduction  [C] manipulation  [D] 49


                                    Test 6

21.   One of his eyes was injured in an accident, but after a operation, he quickly recovered his sight.

    [A] precise     [B] considerate    [C] delicate         [D] sensitive

22.                                                       Why should anyone want to read      of books by great authors when the real pleasure comes from reading the originals?

    [A] digests     [B] insights            [C] themes          [D] leaflets

23.                                     Parents have a legal to ensure that their children are provided with efficient

education suitable to their age.

    [A] impulse    [B] obligation     [C] influence    [D] sympathy

24. Most nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are in a ____.

    [A] scarcity    [B] shortage           [C] minimum    [D] minority

25.                                                                         The Home Secretary has been asked to       because the Union leaders and their employers cannot agree on a course of action.

    [A] meditate   [B] intervene      [C] negotiate    [D] reconcile

26.                                                                                                 Recently a number of cases have been reported of young children___________________________________________________ a violent act previously seen on television.

    [A] modifying  [B] stimulating    [C] accelerating  [D] duplicating

27.                     Reading     the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.

    [A] rectifies    [B] prolongs      [C] furnishes    [D] minimises

28.                                                                          To write a summary effectively, you will need to       words for phrases, phrases for sentences, and general entrances for lists of details.

    [A] convert      [B] complement    [C] substitute     [D] constitute

29. Professor Light asked his secretary to___ a hundred copies of this article on the duplicating machine.

    [A] run over     [B] run down     [C] run into       [D] run off

30. During the famine of 1943, millions of Chinese peasants_________ to the cities because they could not survive in the rural areas.

    [A] migrated    [B] emigrated     [C] mobilized      [D] 50

31. Every weekend when I came back from school, Mother prepared meals___ enough for a Sahara-bound camel and made me eat them up.

    [A] adequate     [B] delicious    [C] proficient    [D] substantial

32.                                                       A third function of intuition is to       51 bits of data and practice into an interesting picture, often in an "Aha!" experience.

    [A] synthesize   [B] acknowledge  [C] separate     [D] 11

33.                                                        If profit and money are your first    , and commitment to people your least concern, you have failed education.

    [A] potentiality   [B] priority     [C] superiority  [D] responsibility

34. The TV announcer apologized for the 52 and said that normal service would be___     as soon as possible..

    [A] reserved      [B] recited      [C] resumed [D] 53

35. The ship 54 had been given the extra name of  "unsinkable" because __     was the best there was.

    [A] manufacture  [B] production       [C] erection   [D] construction

36. Japan has_____ its steps toward putting into effect an international treaty banning chemical weapons.

    [A] hurried      [B] bustled            [C] accelerated    [D] rushed

37. Developing countries should adopt labour-intensive technologies to____ their comparative advantage of abundant labour.

    [A] use           [B] exploit                   [C] employ          [D] explore

38. The tests show the earlier in life a person hears a sound the longer it is__ .

    [A] retained     [B] preserved        [C] remained      [D] reserved

39. The researchers test college students___ to foreign speech before their second birthday but not since.

    [A] disclosed     [B] exposed          [C] exhibited      [D] revealed

40. The government has provided the capital library with heavy___ to keep it one of the largest in the world.

    [A] subscriptions  [B] tips                [C] subsidies      [D] bonuses


                                        Test 7

21.   At the age of 40, he had already     a great fortune through successful financial dealings.

    [A] piled               [B] assembled     [C] amassed     [D] 55

22. This can_____ the worry between a couple that they don' t understand each other.

    [A] release            [B] relent            [C] relieve          [D] relay

23. The most advanced communication____ can pass information to any member state in no more than five seconds.

    [A] furniture         [B] facilities      [C] equipment   [D] 56

24. After he returned to Britain, he was____ with a free trip to the United States.

    [A] awarded         [B] rewarded     [C] warded        [D] safeguarded

25. This date marks a turning point for the country in its rapid__ from poverty to prosperity.

    [A] transportation  [B] transference  [C] 57 [D] transmission

26. The lack of manners and common politeness is not___ to business deals. It's a social blank.

    [A] exclusive        [B] inclusive      [C] elusive        [D] impassive

27. In the 58 religion, the unlucky number 13___ back to the Last Supper.

    [A] tracks            [B] traces           [C] dates           [D] tails

28. If you are not_____ enough in your home language, you can' t handle abstract thought.

    [A] literary           [B] literate           [C] illiterate        [D] intelligent

29. A professional novelist________ the hopes of amateur rivals when he won the Second World One-Day Novel Cup.

    [A] abashed          [B] dashed          [C] gashed          [D] crashed

30. The girl was so_____ that they could fool her easily.

    [A] incredible        [B] credible         [C] credulous     [D] creditable

31. It' s a matter of_____ true values in the youngest segment of the population.

    [A] navigating       [B] inculcating   [C] dedicating     [D] 59

32. Japan' s 39 market_____ for two-thirds of Tokyo's massive $60 billion trade surplus with Washington.

    [A] encounters      [B] counters        [C] discounts      [D] accounts

33. For this end, some people____ their brains to devise forms that would allow for every possible alternative.

    [A] racked       [B] creaked        [C] packed          [D] stacked

34.The language centre____ in teaching English as a second language.

    [A] specializes      [B] focuses         [C] majors           [D] particularizes


35.                                                                                                      Japanese human resource practices include establishing a sense of______________________________________________________ to a company.

    [A] confidence    [B] belief           [C] loyalty           [D] faith

36. He notes that as he gets to know people better, they may become more________ of him.

    [A] fussy             [B] fastidious    [C] critical          [D] 60

37. It is better to assume that those who use slang display sharp_ for convention and 61.

    [A] slight              [B] slander          [C] insult             [D] 62

38. The rising demand for____ goods has helped 63 the continuous growth in production.

    [A] durable           [B] liable             [C] tolerable        [D] blamable

39. The present employment situation is morally unacceptable and economically

    [A] irrational      [B] reasonable     [C] conspicuous  [D] 64

40. The country has to have a (n)_____ social security system to cushion the pain of unemployment.

    [A] adept             [B] adequate        [C] frustrate       [D] fragile


                                       Test 8


21. I want to help you overcome the barriers of_ and to discover the 65 of the city.

    [A] strangeness   [B] curiosity       [C] novelty    [D] oddness

22. Authorities are mounting a campaign to combat an alarming rise in 66 ______ and drug taking.

    [A] delinquency   [B] mistake          [C] evil            [D] crime

23. The Federal Reserve and other central banks spend a(n)_____ $1 billion to $3 billion buying the US currency.

    [A] estimated        [B] exact               [C] evaluated   [D] calculated

24. One may call this a crisis situation because the dollar has___ quite 67.

    [A] depreciated   [B] converted      [C] circulated   [D] 68

25. They attribute the developing____ disaster to the 69 destruction of the tropical rain forests.

    [A] ecological       [B] sociological   [C] 70  [D] psychological

26.                                                                           Australians launched into a shopping spree to    the country's economic excesses.

    [A] oppress          [B] curb              [C] disturb           [D] lay down





27. To deal with endless tests, I have to____ no pains in burying myself in books.

    [A] spare              [B] take              [C] spend .          [D] try

28.                                          The country has been       tremendous changes in the economic and social spheres.

    [A] underselling  [B] undergoing   [C] undertaking   [D] underbidding

29. Man' s body language can give you important ____ to people's thoughts and feelings.

    [A] clues         [B] meanings      [C] sense       [D] ideas

30. Earnings have held up well____ some very negative developments, including a big drop in the dollar's value.

    [A] instead of    [B] in the face of   [C] in excess of    [D] in consequence of

31.                                                                                               They work long hours but do not earn enough to ensure a     living for themselves and their families.

    [A] reticent      [B] decent           [C] innocent        [D] descent

32. There are few areas of our lives in which tools do not play an___ part.

    [A] indispensable                            [C] indistinguishable

    [B] independent                              [D] indiscriminate

33. Britain' s Channel Four television sent him to New York to do a___ interview for its " The Word" programme.

    [A] lively       [B] live                 [C] living             [D] alive

34. In one of the most 71 countries in the world, the process 72 by an animator is surprisingly     .

    [A] physical    [B] manual             [C] mental           [D] sensual

35. It might be_____ noting that while words last a long time, sensitivities do change.

    [A] deserved    [B] worthwhile      [C] worth       [D] 73

36. Sales of personal computers are____ on both sides of the Atlantic. They have become one of the hottest-selling consumer electronics items.

    [A] plumping   [B] buoyant            [C] sluggish         [D] feeble

37. Worldwide demand for more_____ technology continues to grow.

    [A] subtle       [B] experienced     [C] sophisticated  [D] refined

38. The mailman should be here ______ ; in fact, he should be here in about five minutes.

    [A] presently    [B] now                 [C] currently      [D] for a while

39. The consumer felt_____ in asking for $10,000 compensation for two months without a reliable television.

    [A] hypocritic   [B] meticulous      [C] justified     [D] satisfied

40. It is not a job for someone who wants to make his fortune__ .

    [A] overnight   [B] weekly            [C] bimonthly     [D] yearly

Test 1: ABDCC       CBBCC             CBDAA                CCAAD

Test 2: CBBC          DBBAC             AADBC                DAAAD

Test 3: DCBCD       DCACC            AABAB                 BCADC

Test 4: ADBCA       BDDCA             DBACA                DDACB

Test 5: ACACC       DAAAA            DBCDD                CBBCA

Test 6: CABDB       DCCDA            DABCD                CBABC

Test 7: CCBBC       ACBBC             DBAAC                CDAAB

Test 8: AAAAA       BABAB      BABBC  BCACA


1 yQCxu     
  • Stability and unity are a prerequisite to the four modernizations.安定团结是实现四个现代化的前提。
  • It is a prerequisite of entry to the profession that you pass the exams.做这一行的先决条件是要通过了有关的考试。
2 EU6zf     
  • She fined away superfluous matter in the design. 她删去了这图案中多余的东西。
  • That request seemed superfluous when I wrote it.我这样写的时候觉得这个请求似乎是多此一举。
3 M4Vyg     
  • a free-form jazz improvisation 自由创作的爵士乐即兴演出
  • Most of their music was spontaneous improvisation. 他们的大部分音乐作品都是即兴创作的。
4 rrWxJ     
  • That old man lives on the earnings of his daughter.那个老人靠他女儿的收入维持生活。
  • Last year there was a 20% decrease in his earnings.去年他的收入减少了20%。
5 T5YyU     
  • The weather will be the biggest hurdle so I have to be ready.天气将会是最大的障碍,所以我必须要作好准备。
  • She clocked 11.6 seconds for the 80 metre hurdle.八十米跳栏赛跑她跑了十一秒六。
6 eRLxn     
  • The teacher conferred with the principal about Dick's promotion.教师与校长商谈了迪克的升级问题。
  • The clerk was given a promotion and an increase in salary.那个职员升了级,加了薪。
7 2gExT     
  • We stood in silence watching the snake glide effortlessly.我们噤若寒蝉地站着,眼看那条蛇逍遥自在地游来游去。
  • So graceful was the ballerina that she just seemed to glide.那芭蕾舞女演员翩跹起舞,宛如滑翔。
8 bkzzzC     
  • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point.自行车胎在以前损坏过的地方又爆开了。
  • Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously.让我岔开一会儿,解释原先发生了什么。
9 3y2zps     
  • Aspiring musicians need hours of practice every day. 想当音乐家就要每天练许多小时。
  • He came from an aspiring working-class background. 他出身于有抱负的工人阶级家庭。 来自辞典例句
10 00073a7d70c29400713734fb28f7b855     
v.证明( attest的现在分词 );证实;声称…属实;使宣誓
  • Thus, a word of God, giving his own authoritative promise of redemption, must be self-attesting. 因此,上帝的话-将祂自己权威性的救赎应许赐给了人-必须是自证的。 来自互联网
  • There might be a letter in your file attesting to your energetic and imaginative teaching. 可能我会写封信证明你生动而充满想象力的教学。 来自互联网
11 IaRxw     
  • The company's bank statements illustrate its success.这家公司的银行报表说明了它的成功。
  • This diagram will illustrate what I mean.这个图表可说明我的意思。
12 2a891807ad5907f0499171bb879a36aa     
adj. 有插图的,列举的 动词illustrate的过去式和过去分词
  • His lecture was illustrated with slides taken during the expedition. 他在讲演中使用了探险时拍摄到的幻灯片。
  • The manufacturing Methods: Will be illustrated in the next chapter. 制作方法将在下一章说明。
13 0b02d36f000e8266b62a74801aec6a11     
v.偷窃(小东西),小偷( pilfer的现在分词 );偷窃(一般指小偷小摸)
  • He was caught pilfering. 他行窃时被抓个正着。
  • Pilfering has stopped entirely since they put Angus in charge of the stores. 自从他们让安格斯掌管商店以来,小偷小摸就杜绝了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
14 hjezpo     
  • Life today is rigidly compartmentalized into work and leisure. 当今的生活被严格划分为工作和休闲两部分。
  • The curriculum is rigidly prescribed from an early age. 自儿童时起即已开始有严格的课程设置。
15 GukzoL     
  • The deserted village was filled with a deathly silence.这个荒废的村庄死一般的寂静。
  • The enemy chieftain was opposed and deserted by his followers.敌人头目众叛亲离。
16 0f1e052268849c3fd235d949b9da68ba     
散布,传播( disseminate的现在分词 )
  • Our comrades in propaganda work have the task of disseminating Marxism. 我们作宣传工作的同志有一个宣传马克思主义的任务。
  • Disseminating indecent photographs on the internet a distasteful act. 在因特网上发布不雅照片是卑劣的行径。
17 1555b4001e7e14e0bca70a3c43102922     
v.分配( dispense的现在分词 );施与;配(药)
  • A dispensing optician supplies glasses, but doesn't test your eyes. 配镜师为你提供眼镜,但不检查眼睛。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The firm has been dispensing ointments. 本公司配制药膏。 来自《简明英汉词典》
18 l4ZyO     
  • The inscription has worn away and can no longer be read.铭文已磨损,无法辨认了。
  • He chiselled an inscription on the marble.他在大理石上刻碑文。
19 WYbyd     
  • I would never readily confide in anybody.我从不轻易向人吐露秘密。
  • He is going to confide the secrets of his heart to us.他将向我们吐露他心里的秘密。
20 ed735a7f7af37489d7db1a9ef3b64f91     
抱怨( grumble的过去式和过去分词 ); 发牢骚; 咕哝; 发哼声
  • He grumbled at the low pay offered to him. 他抱怨给他的工资低。
  • The heat was sweltering, and the men grumbled fiercely over their work. 天热得让人发昏,水手们边干活边发着牢骚。
21 lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
22 BkQzsk     
  • The results of the experiments are very promising.实验的结果充满了希望。
  • We're trying to bring along one or two promising young swimmers.我们正设法培养出一两名有前途的年轻游泳选手。
23 3b8zs     
  • The town government is responsible for assistance to indigent people.镇政府负责给穷人提供帮助。
  • A judge normally appoints the attorney for an indigent defendant at the defendant's first court appearence.法官通常会在贫穷被告人第一次出庭时,为其指派一名辩护律师。
24 c8302d4e0b3c212bc802c7294057f1cb     
n.改动( alteration的名词复数 );更改;变化;改变
  • Any alterations should be written in neatly to the left side. 改动部分应书写清晰,插在正文的左侧。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Gene mutations are alterations in the DNA code. 基因突变是指DNA 密码的改变。 来自《简明英汉词典》
25 MOKzA     
  • He refused to allow his secretary to handle confidential letters.他不让秘书处理机密文件。
  • We have a confidential exchange of views.我们推心置腹地交换意见。
26 AlPwO     
  • Such attitudes were not at all uncommon thirty years ago.这些看法在30年前很常见。
  • Phil has uncommon intelligence.菲尔智力超群。
27 71b7e795becf1adbddfab2cd6c5f0cff     
v.干预( interfere的过去式和过去分词 );调停;妨碍;干涉
  • Complete absorption in sports interfered with his studies. 专注于运动妨碍了他的学业。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • I am not going to be interfered with. 我不想别人干扰我的事情。 来自《简明英汉词典》
28 0YWyQ     
  • The economic situation has changed considerably.经济形势已发生了相当大的变化。
  • The gap has narrowed considerably.分歧大大缩小了。
29 ruLw8     
  • He is five feet five inches in stature.他身高5英尺5英寸。
  • The dress models are tall of stature.时装模特儿的身材都较高。
30 4fe8f0223a4e14ee670547b1a8076e20     
控告,起诉( indict的过去式和过去分词 )
  • The senator was indicted for murder. 那位参议员被控犯谋杀罪。
  • He was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of murder. 他被大陪审团以两项谋杀罪名起诉。
31 XhVwZ     
  • He addressed the audience on the subject of atomic warfare.他向听众演讲有关原子战争的问题。
  • Their struggle consists mainly in peasant guerrilla warfare.他们的斗争主要是农民游击战。
32 c8c400ae2f86cbca3c727d12edb4546a     
n.所有人,业主( proprietor的名词复数 )
  • These little proprietors of businesses are lords indeed on their own ground. 这些小业主们,在他们自己的行当中,就是真正的至高无上的统治者。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
  • Many proprietors try to furnish their hotels with antiques. 许多经营者都想用古董装饰他们的酒店。 来自辞典例句
33 1zjzi3     
n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
  • Can you give me any advice on getting into advertising? 你能指点我如何涉足广告业吗?
  • The advertising campaign is aimed primarily at young people. 这个广告宣传运动主要是针对年轻人的。
34 6a32b82d344d5f1487aee703a39bb639     
一般化( generalization的名词复数 ); 普通化; 归纳; 概论
  • But Pearlson cautions that the findings are simply generalizations. 但是波尔森提醒人们,这些发现是简单的综合资料。 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 大脑与疾病
  • They were of great service in correcting my jejune generalizations. 他们纠正了我不成熟的泛泛之论,帮了我大忙。
35 BcdzC     
  • He always speaks in an imperative tone of voice.他老是用命令的口吻讲话。
  • The events of the past few days make it imperative for her to act.过去这几天发生的事迫使她不得不立即行动。
36 73349eba464af74f8ce6c65b07a6114c     
蜂群,一大群( swarm的名词复数 )
  • They came to town in swarms. 他们蜂拥来到城里。
  • On June the first there were swarms of children playing in the park. 6月1日那一天,这个公园里有一群群的孩子玩耍。
37 Bw4zE     
  • Why do you always take your annoyance out on me?为什么你不高兴时总是对我出气?
  • I felt annoyance at being teased.我恼恨别人取笑我。
38 8AezO     
  • The matter will rectify itself in a few days.那件事过几天就会变好。
  • You can rectify this fault if you insert a slash.插人一条斜线便可以纠正此错误。
39 ZOnyW     
  • Don't park your auto here.别把你的汽车停在这儿。
  • The auto industry has brought many people to Detroit.汽车工业把许多人吸引到了底特律。
40 f139f57690cdca2d2214f172b39dc0b9     
adj.逐渐减少的v.逐渐变少或变小( dwindle的现在分词 )
  • The number of wild animals on the earth is dwindling. 地球上野生动物的数量正日渐减少。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He is struggling to come to terms with his dwindling authority. 他正努力适应自己权力被削弱这一局面。 来自辞典例句
41 asRyE     
  • His signature was an illegible scrawl.他的签名潦草难以辨认。
  • Your beautiful handwriting puts my untidy scrawl to shame.你漂亮的字体把我的潦草字迹比得见不得人。
42 tbQxW     
  • It is impossible to deliver this letter because the address is illegible.由于地址字迹不清,致使信件无法投递。
  • Can you see what this note says—his writing is almost illegible!你能看出这个便条上写些什么吗?他的笔迹几乎无法辨认。
43 P9Tzs     
  • We are never late in satisfying him for his labor.我们从不延误付给他劳动报酬。
  • He was completely spent after two weeks of hard labor.艰苦劳动两周后,他已经疲惫不堪了。
44 c3UzD     
  • It is so hot that my clothes are wet with perspiration.天太热了,我的衣服被汗水湿透了。
  • The perspiration was running down my back.汗从我背上淌下来。
45 HhkzK     
  • He has a great faculty for learning foreign languages.他有学习外语的天赋。
  • He has the faculty of saying the right thing at the right time.他有在恰当的时候说恰当的话的才智。
46 hn8wE     
  • I will transact my business by letter.我会写信去洽谈业务。
  • I have been obliged to see him;there was business to transact.我不得不见他,有些事物要处理。
47 y8oxu     
  • His plan is incompatible with my intent.他的计划与我的意图不相符。
  • Speed and safety are not necessarily incompatible.速度和安全未必不相容。
48 gqiwY     
  • A successful company must keep up with the pace of technological change.一家成功的公司必须得跟上技术变革的步伐。
  • Today,the pace of life is increasing with technological advancements.当今, 随着科技进步,生活节奏不断增快。
49 1M8xw     
  • He is a man of penetration.他是一个富有洞察力的人。
  • Our aim is to achieve greater market penetration.我们的目标是进一步打入市场。
50 a70310c0c8ae40c26c39d8d0d0f7bb0d     
v.移入( immigrate的过去式和过去分词 );移民
  • He immigrated from Ulster in 1848. 他1848年从阿尔斯特移民到这里。 来自辞典例句
  • Many Pakistanis have immigrated to Britain. 许多巴基斯坦人移居到了英国。 来自辞典例句
51 bqmzTd     
  • His bad behaviour was just an isolated incident. 他的不良行为只是个别事件。
  • Patients with the disease should be isolated. 这种病的患者应予以隔离。
52 cS0yx     
  • She suffered a nervous breakdown.她患神经衰弱。
  • The plane had a breakdown in the air,but it was fortunately removed by the ace pilot.飞机在空中发生了故障,但幸运的是被王牌驾驶员排除了。
53 d131e8b354aef51857c9c380c825a4c9     
adj.再生的;翻造的;收复的;回收的v.开拓( reclaim的过去式和过去分词 );要求收回;从废料中回收(有用的材料);挽救
  • Many sufferers have been reclaimed from a dependence on alcohol. 许多嗜酒成癖的受害者已经被挽救过来。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • They reclaimed him from his evil ways. 他们把他从邪恶中挽救出来。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
54 NoJwR     
  • We have been making titanic effort to achieve our purpose.我们一直在作极大的努力,以达到我们的目的。
  • The island was created by titanic powers and they are still at work today.台湾岛是由一个至今仍然在运作的巨大力量塑造出来的。
55 d4fe572aea8da4a2cdce0106da9d4b69     
(使)集合,聚集( congregate的过去式和过去分词 )
  • The crowds congregated in the town square to hear the mayor speak. 人群聚集到市镇广场上来听市长讲话。
  • People quickly congregated round the speaker. 人们迅速围拢在演说者的周围。
56 2bf24c2bab75a8ff45e650a1e4388dec     
n.装饰( ornament的名词复数 );点缀;装饰品;首饰v.装饰,点缀,美化( ornament的第三人称单数 )
  • The shelves were chock-a-block with ornaments. 架子上堆满了装饰品。
  • Playing the piano sets up resonance in those glass ornaments. 一弹钢琴那些玻璃饰物就会产生共振。 来自《简明英汉词典》
57 SnFwO     
  • Going to college brought about a dramatic transformation in her outlook.上大学使她的观念发生了巨大的变化。
  • He was struggling to make the transformation from single man to responsible husband.他正在努力使自己由单身汉变为可靠的丈夫。
58 KVByl     
  • They always addressed each other by their Christian name.他们总是以教名互相称呼。
  • His mother is a sincere Christian.他母亲是个虔诚的基督教徒。
59 0ed70a12fb6b41d2ac997bf4b7f6026b     
灌溉( irrigate的现在分词 ); 冲洗(伤口)
  • Derrick and I have been laying out the system of irrigating ditches. 德里克跟我在一起修建那个灌溉网。
  • He had been in command at the irrigating ditch the day before. 上一天,在灌溉渠边,是他担任指挥的。
60 wTjy2     
  • There is no captious client but faulty product and service.没有挑剔的客户,只有不完善的产品和服务。
  • His criticisms were always captious and frivolous,never offering constructive suggestions.他的评论一向轻率并爱吹毛求疵,从不提出有建设性的建议。
61 yQYxi     
  • You can't keep up the pretense any longer.你无法继续伪装下去了。
  • Pretense invariably impresses only the pretender.弄虚作假欺骗不了真正的行家。
62 KltzA     
  • Some people disdain labour.有些人轻视劳动。
  • A great man should disdain flatterers.伟大的人物应鄙视献媚者。
63 wuSwL     
  • Your encouragement will stimulate me to further efforts.你的鼓励会激发我进一步努力。
  • Success will stimulate the people for fresh efforts.成功能鼓舞人们去作新的努力。
64 2C4xG     
  • He wrote a meritorious theme about his visit to the cotton mill.他写了一篇关于参观棉纺织厂的有价值的论文。
  • He was praised for his meritorious service.他由于出色地工作而受到称赞。
65 1b7d9606a26a4699835243f7a1d0b55d     
n.魅力( fascination的名词复数 );有魅力的东西;迷恋;陶醉
  • The fascinations of the circus are endless. 马戏表演非常吸引人。 来自辞典例句
  • He held the children spellbound with magic tricks and other fascinations. 他使那些孩子沉浸在魔术和其他魅力中。 来自互联网
66 OkEy2     
  • For a grown man he acted in a very juvenile manner.身为成年人,他的行为举止显得十分幼稚。
  • Juvenile crime is increasing at a terrifying rate.青少年犯罪正在以惊人的速度增长。
67 Qukw6     
  • The scope of man's use of natural resources will steadily grow.人类利用自然资源的广度将日益扩大。
  • Our educational reform was steadily led onto the correct path.我们的教学改革慢慢上轨道了。
68 a4745257ebd55707de96128297f486e1     
减轻,缓解,缓和( alleviate的过去式和过去分词 )
  • It is always completely alleviated by total gastrectomy. 全胃切除永远完全缓解症状。
  • Toxicity problem in manufacturing and storage might be alleviated by coating beryllium with aluminum. 但如果用铝包覆铍,则可避免加工过程中及储存期间的中毒问题。
69 SqMwo     
  • The way he works isn't very systematic.他的工作不是很有条理。
  • The teacher made a systematic work of teaching.这个教师进行系统的教学工作。
70 Cgjxb     
  • The current survey will have a wider geographical spread.当前的调查将在更广泛的地域范围內进行。
  • These birds have a wide geographical distribution.这些鸟的地理分布很广。
71 high-tech     
  • The economy is in the upswing which makes high-tech services in more demand too.经济在蓬勃发展,这就使对高科技服务的需求量也在加大。
  • The quest of a cure for disease with high-tech has never ceased. 人们希望运用高科技治疗疾病的追求从未停止过。
72 Tz2zXA     
  • She plans to take a course in applied linguistics.她打算学习应用语言学课程。
  • This cream is best applied to the face at night.这种乳霜最好晚上擦脸用。
73 vftwB     
  • I did not esteem him to be worthy of trust.我认为他不值得信赖。
  • There occurred nothing that was worthy to be mentioned.没有值得一提的事发生。